Extract Skeleton


Extract the skeleton of a binary object. The skeleton can be limited to being a 1D curve or allowed to be a full 2D manifold. The branches of the skeleton can be pruned so that only the maximal center skeleton is returned.

Panels and their use

IO: Input/output parameters

  • Input Image (InputImageFileName): Input image

  • Output Image (OutputImageFileName): Skeleton of the input image.

Skeleton: Skeleton parameters

  • Skeleton type (SkeletonType): Type of skeleton to create. 1D extract centerline curve points. 2D extracts medial surface points.

  • Extract full tree (FullTree): Include the full tree in the output, not just the longest branch.

  • Number Of Points (NumberOfPoints): Number of points used to represent the skeleton

  • Output points list (OutputPointsFileName): Name of the file to store the coordinates of the central (1D) skeleton points

  • Output markups curve (OutputCurveFileName): Centerline points as markups curve


Pierre Seroul (UNC), Martin Styner (UNC), Guido Gerig (UNC), Stephen Aylward (Kitware)


The original implementation of this method was provided by ETH Zurich, Image Analysis Laboratory of Profs Olaf Kuebler, Gabor Szekely and Guido Gerig. Martin Styner at UNC, Chapel Hill made enhancements. Wrapping for Slicer was provided by Pierre Seroul and Stephen Aylward at Kitware, Inc.