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Shows one of each type of parameter.

Panels and their use

Scalar Parameters (árvíztűrő tükörfúrógép): Variations on scalar parameters

  • Integer Parameter (integerVariable): An integer without constraints

  • Double Parameter (doubleVariable): A double with constraints

Vector Parameters: Variations on vector parameters

  • Float Vector Parameter (floatVector): A vector of floats

  • String Vector Parameter (stringVector): A vector of strings

Enumeration Parameters: Variations on enumeration parameters

  • String Enumeration Parameter (stringChoice): An enumeration of strings

Boolean Parameters: Variations on boolean parameters

  • Boolean Default true (boolean1): A boolean default true

  • Boolean Default false (boolean2): A boolean default false

  • Boolean No Default (boolean3): A boolean with no default, should be defaulting to false

File, Directory and Image Parameters: Parameters that describe files and directories.

  • Input file: An input file

  • Input Files: Multiple input files

  • Output file: An output file

  • Input directory: An input directory. If no default is specified, the current directory is used,

  • Input image: An input image

  • Input 4D Image: Input 4D Image (txyz)

  • Output image: An output image

Transform Parameters: Parameters that describe transforms.

  • Input transform: A generic input transform

  • Input transform linear: A linear input transform

  • Input transform nonlinear: A nonlinear input transform

  • Input transform bspline: A bspline input transform

  • Output transform: A generic output transform

  • Output transform linear: A linear output transform

  • Output transform nonlinear: A nonlinear output transform

  • Output transform bspline: A bspline output transform

Point Parameters: Parameters that describe point sets.

  • Seeds (seed): Lists of points in the CLI correspond to slicer fiducial lists

  • Seeds file (seedsFile): Test file of input fiducials, compared to seeds

  • Output seeds file (seedsOutFile): Output file to read back in, compare to seeds with flipped settings on first fiducial

Geometry Parameters: Parameters that describe models.

  • Input Model (InputModel): Input model

  • Output Model (OutputModel): Output model

  • Models (ModelSceneFile): Generated models, under a model hierarchy node. Models are imported into Slicer under a model hierarchy node. The model hierarchy node must be created before running the model maker, by selecting Create New ModelHierarchy from the Models drop down menu.

Index Parameters: Variations on parameters that use index rather than flags.

  • First index argument (arg0): First index argument is an image

  • Second index argument (arg1): Second index argument is an image

Regions of interest:

  • Input region list (regions): List of regions to process


  • Input FA measurements (inputFA): Array of FA values to process

  • Output FA measurements (outputFA): Array of processed (output) FA values

Generic Tables:

  • Input Table (inputDT): Array of Table values to process

  • Output Table (outputDT): Array of processed (output) Table values

Simple return types:

  • An integer return value (anintegerreturn): An example of an integer return type

  • A boolean return value (abooleanreturn): An example of a boolean return type

  • A floating point return value (afloatreturn): An example of a float return type

  • A double point return value (adoublereturn): An example of a double return type

  • A string point return value (astringreturn): An example of a string return type

  • An integer vector return value (anintegervectorreturn): An example of an integer vector return type

  • A string enumeration return value (astringchoicereturn): An enumeration of strings as a return type


Daniel Blezek (GE), Bill Lorensen (GE)


This work is part of the National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NAMIC), funded by the National Institutes of Health through the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research, Grant U54 EB005149.