Resize Image (BRAINS)


This program is useful for downsampling an image by a constant scale factor.

Panels and their use

Inputs: Parameters for specifying the image to warp and resulting image space

  • Image To Warp (inputVolume): Image To Scale

Outputs: Resulting scaled image parameters

  • Output Image (outputVolume): Resulting scaled image

  • Pixel Type (pixelType): Specifies the pixel type for the input/output images. The “binary” pixel type uses a modified algorithm whereby the image is read in as unsigned char, a signed distance map is created, signed distance map is resampled, and then a thresholded image of type unsigned char is written to disk.

Scaling Parameters: Parameters used to define the scaling of the output image

  • Scale Factor (scaleFactor): The scale factor for the image spacing.


This tool was developed by Hans Johnson.


The development of this tool was supported by funding from grants NS050568 and NS40068 from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and grants MH31593, MH40856, from the National Institute of Mental Health.